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aMare Falerio 2023

In September, during the aMare il Falerio, event, dedicated to one of the most iconic white wines of Piceno, our 2022 Falerio DOC from the 'settantase77e' Collection, won the first prize.

The announcement of this recognition also coincides with the redesign of our entire hospitality wine collection. The labels will be even more elegant and refined, and we will soon provide all the details.
Meanwhile: “Don’t ask me about Ripatransone. You know, in spite of my acidulous nature, when it’s about my land I get worked up. Its shape – that of the label – the hills, the sea in the distance, the verses of Mercantini, the 1st vinification of my winery in 1977. It’s enough to make my blush. And you’ve chosen a straw white wine. Falerio”.