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Organic Collection

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Doing good to achieve the best drink there is.

Rosso Piceno, Marche Passerina, Sangiovese, Falerio Pecorino and Rosso Piceno Superiore are the successful result of a land nurtured with respect, in a virtuous cycle, where doing good work brings out the very best in the drink.

With these words, printed on every bio bottle, we describe our commitment to organic production: an open and recurring message stating that to receive respect, first it must be given. We dedicate our work to the land which, in return, gives us an Organic Collection composed of Rosso Piceno DOC, Rosso Piceno DOC Superiore, Marche IGT Passerina, Marche IGT Sangiovese and Falerio Pecorino DOC, produced by our native vines.

Five objective examples of high quality, designed to bring nature even closer to the consumer. They are achieved in full respect for the environment and without the use of pesticides or fertilisers, naturally preventing harmful pathogens. What’s more, we use recyclable materials and give priority to energy from renewable sources.

Organic Collection

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Organic Collection 2022

BIO Rosso Piceno DOC 2022

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