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Building our future
one step at a time.

Let’s get to know each other

Our Winery – the Cantina dei Colli Ripani – draws on the strength of more than 330 native producers and the desire to enhance the wine production by safeguarding these lands and native wines: Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Pecorino and Passerina.

Wine is an extremely complex sector, where it is not always apparent how much work and sacrifice goes into a bottle of wine. To ensure the continual protection of this ancient tradition over time, the industry increasingly requires new forms of work organisation that focus on respect for the product and transparent customer loyalty: this is how, and why, a social winery like ours came to be.

We operate as a traditional cooperative. Our work is based on sharing, collaboration and profit sharing, so as to minimise production costs without compromising on the quality of our products. As members, we transform the raw materials, which we carefully cultivate every day, into wine, oil and barley coffee. Like any cooperative, we have our own rules and regulations: we manage the work, the way we spend and earn, as well as the rights and duties of our producer members.

Origin and territory,
passion and uniqueness.

Together with commitment and respect, these are our watchwords. We are a cooperative company that has chosen to express the value of the land through our vineyards and our people. It’s a story that’s every bit as special as the landscape, one which we strive to make unique and special every day.

As a winery, we support our members and coordinate every stage of the process: from working in the fields through to transforming raw materials into finished products and selling them. This is the only way we can ensure a unique and meticulous result throughout the production chain. At the same time, thanks to our shared passion and values, we can have confidence in an agricultural income that is able to defend the viticulture of our lands and guarantee its environmental sustainability.

GiovanniMember since 2010. A winegrower and former employee of the Cantina, Giovanni is now retired and helps his daughter Federica with the grape harvest.

StefanoStefano works in the family bakery, but has also been a winegrower member since 1997.

LuigiBorn in 1939, Luigi has been a member of the Cooperative since December 1998.

MicheleMichele is a member of the winery and runs an agritourism where delicious jams and natural herbs are made, among other things.

RenatoBorn in 1950, Renato has been a member of the winery since 1997.

Mario e GianmarcoGrandfather and grandson. Mario teaches and Gianmarco learns. The former has been a member since 1995, while the latter is a member in the making.

SilvanoSilvano has been a winegrower and member since ‘99. He has his own farm where he also raises beef cattle.

LuigiTogether with his wife, Luigi takes care of both his land and our territory. He has been a member since 1986.

FrancoWith his passion for the vineyard and wild boar, it was only natural for Franco to become a member, just as his father did in 1986.

FedericaA member since 2022, Federica is committed to the family vineyard and helps out at the winery during the harvest by weighing and checking the grapes' sugar content.

MarioIn addition to the vineyard, Mario also grows cereals and olives, and has been a member since 1993. Mario never misses his regular Wednesday game of bocce ball with friends.

The sincerest goodness has deep roots.

Our winery is not only about land and grapes, but also about sport and culture. In a word? Territory. For us, the territory is a living thing that can also take the form of a bicycle for a group of cycling enthusiasts called Avis Bikers dei Colli Ripani who we sponsor based on our belief in team spirit and the joy of pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Our love for the area encompasses all expressions of art, culture and volunteering.

There is no land dearer to us than the one we call home.

This is ours.