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General Conditions of Sale

These “General Conditions of Sale” govern the sale of products sold by Cantina dei Colli Ripani soc. coop. (hereinafter referred to as "Cantina").

  1. La Cantina dei Colli Ripani reserves the right to refuse orders which, at its sole discretion, are incompatible with its sales policy.
  2. Cantina is only required to provide the services specified in the order.
  3. The prices of the products refer to the price list in force at the time when the Purchaser accepts the sales offer, or at the time when the order confirmation is issued by Cantina dei Colli Ripani. Cantina reserves the right to amend the current price list at any time – subject to prior written notice to the Purchaser – in the event of any increase in the cost of raw materials, labour or any other factors leading to a material increase in production costs. Cantina shall undertake to promptly inform the Customer of any increase in price so that the Customer is able to cancel the order if necessary. In the event of price changes, the products shall be delivered after the Customer has confirmed their acceptance thereof.
  4. The product prices are always Free Carrier (FCA Incoterms 2010), unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties.
  5. Prices, delivery terms and other information provided by our representatives, agents and sales staff shall be valid unless notified otherwise by La Cantina dei Colli Ripani.
  6. All orders are subject to acceptance by Cantina, after checking actual product availability.
  7. Prompt delivery terms. In the event of a temporary lack of one or more products, Cantina reserves the right to divide the order by delivering to the customer’s address on the requested date the products that are available, and then ship the remaining products at a later date.
  8. The shipment is sent in free packaging specially designed to ensure the integrity of the bottles.
  9. Shipment: the shipment is carried out either directly or by courier carriage paid or carriage forward, as agreed and indicated in the delivery note.
  10. n any case, the goods shall be deemed to have been delivered to the buyer upon signature of the delivery documents. The recipient must exercise the right-duty of inspection at the time of delivery of the goods and state any findings to the carrier. The recipient must also check that the packaging is intact, dry, not tampered with or damaged in any way.
  11. If the customer discovers damage and/or obvious anomalies, he or she must refuse the package(s) and promptly notify Cantina or its representative of the refusal and reasons therefor. This communication may be sent by fax to +39 0735 99334 and must mention the order date and the recipient, as well as the reasons for non-collection.
  12. The Customer and/or Customer’s representative collecting the goods shall, at the time of delivery and in the presence of the carrier, check that the total number of packages matches the number previously notified thereto at the time of dispatch.
  13. The goods are only guaranteed if the outer packaging is intact in all parts.
  14. Any claims regarding the condition of the goods must be received within 8 days from when the goods were received. Complaints may be sent by fax to 0735.99334 or by email to
  15. L Cantina shall not receive any goods returned by the recipient unless authorised in advance. In the event of authorised returns following complaints made within 8 days of receiving the goods, Cantina shall be responsible for collecting the returned goods either directly or through an approved courier service at its own expense. The right of withdrawal is, however, subject to the condition that the purchased goods be returned substantially intact: since these are products intended for food consumption, the packaging must not have been opened and/or tampered with. In all other cases, authorised returns must reach Cantina carriage paid.
  16. The Purchaser shall be required to pay the invoice prices without any discounts and/or rounding not expressly stipulated on the invoice.
  17. Payment shall be made by the means and on the terms set out in the order or as agreed. In the event of late payment, Cantina reserves the right to charge late payment interest at current bank rates.
  18. The clauses contained herein may only be waived by written agreement between the Parties.
  19. In the event of any dispute, the Courts of Fermo shall have sole jurisdiction.
  20. For anything not expressly provided for in these “General Terms and Conditions of Sale”, reference shall be made to the civil, fiscal and criminal regulations in force.