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We’re sustainable and Equalitas-certified

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How it all started

In 1969, we joined forces to found our Cooperative Winery with the aim of giving small producers a real voice. Thanks to this decision, we can enjoy the beauty of our landscape, knowing that it is protected and cared for by the members of the Colli Ripani.

"Gaining the Equalitas certification in July 2023 was a natural progression in the journey we embarked on years ago to adopt a sustainable system that safeguards the environment and preserves our local territory as a place of culture, history and evolution.” – Giovanni Traini, Chairman of Cantina dei Colli Ripani.

Together is better

John Donne said “No man is an island”.

This is the spirit that guides our role in the territory, as we create valuable relationships between people. We are committed to producing goods and services that are as sustainable as possible over time from an economic, environmental and social point of view.

This led us to become one of the few wineries in the Marche Region (and the first in the Piceno area) to gain the Equalitas certification – the only certification dedicated to the wine supply chain.

Our commitment

  • We reduce our environmental impact by protecting natural resources

    We keep close track of the company’s environmental impacts, from the work in the field right through to the finished product. Our practical choices are supported by the consultancy of an external agronomist and two internal technicians, who use precision agriculture tools (ENOGIS) and wine traceability support systems such as cellar notebooks (I-WINE) , as well as a tracking system for products from their entry into the cellar through to sale (ESSENTIA)

  • We raise awareness among staff involved in production

    We provide quarterly training courses for employees, information meetings for members and information documents for suppliers. We train and raise awareness so that everyone understands the good practices to be followed in the Winery.

  • We engage the surrounding area

    We plan activities that help promulgate the principles of sustainable development and generate individual and social interest through initiatives that benefit the community, establishing a solid bond with our territory.


Sustainability is not a static concept that remains the same over time, but a continuous process that involves environmental, economic and social development aspects. This gave rise to the Equalitas Standard, which we follow with great determination and commitment.

The three pillars of sustainability that guide us are: economic to generate income and work; environmental to create and maintain the quality and sustainability of natural resources; social to ensure the conditions for human well-being.

We have adopted Equalitas standard version 4.0, which is aligned with the 17 objectives set by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development approved in New York by the UN General Assembly in September 2015.

A sustainable choice

We prioritise organic management and monitor our members’ practices in view of organic certification.
Biological agriculture is an agricultural production method that enhances the natural fertility of the soil, ensures healthy products, and strengthens sustainability without using synthetic fertilisers such as pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

Average production is medium-low, but with top-quality grapes for wines that are acclaimed in both national and international markets.

Good practices and objectives

Equalitas Certification

A company is sustainable when it protects the future of new generations. For us, the Equalitas Certification is a modus operandi that is further reinforced in our Sustainability Report.

Sustainability Report 2024

Download the report