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The Members, the Winery, the Colli Ripani. A bond that grows ever stronger with every activity, striving towards a clear mission: to pour not only a wine, but a story.

It is with this in mind that we embarked on a major journey to renew our image and identity. Because the Cooperative is an evolving organism; it changes and adapts along with the people behind it. So at some point it became clear to everyone that we were wearing clothes that no longer represented us. It was time for a change. This was no small endeavour, but our intuition was confirmed by the achievement of an unforgettable milestone: the “Label of the Year 2015” prize awarded to the Rosso Piceno DOC della Organic Collection from our Organic Line, at the 49th edition of Vinitaly. This recognition was the first of many, and each one feels like the first. We have the same sense of excitement.

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Our image speaks of the land, accentuating the features that make it so unique. Like a map, it tells the reader how to explore the area and indicates – through shapes and colours – the exact location of each crop. The shape of a box (metaphorically representing the border) moves across our land like a window and takes a snapshot, from district to district, of an ever-changing profile.

Our brand was created for this very reason: to celebrate wine and the land that produces it. It encapsulates the true depth of feeling that forever binds us to our winery.

Change is the only way we can grow.

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