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Four Steps in the Winery - Second Edition

Due to the rapid sell-out of our first course, we've decided to host a second edition of "Four Steps in the Winery" in collaboration with Ais Marche - the Italian Sommelier Association Marche. Just like the first course, it will be held in our Winery.

The four sessions are as follows:

March 23rd – First Session 
We'll cover the production of white, rosé, and red wines, as well as the classic and Martinotti method of producing sparkling wines. We'll also discuss sweet and special wines.

March 30th – Second Session 
We'll focus on tasting techniques, including visual examination, olfactory examination, and olfactory and taste examination.

April 6th – Third Session 
We'll discuss Italian and European legislation, major Italian grape varieties, the most relevant Italian DOCs, and how to read the label.

April 13th – Fourth Session 
WThe final session will focus on pairing techniques, including contraposition and concordance.

To join us and receive information about costs and other details, please call us at 0735 99940.

We hope to see you soon for "Four Steps in the Winery"!
Seats are limited, so don't wait to reserve your spot.