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Data, forecasts and maps

Interview with Daniele Occhiodoro

Theinnovations brought to the winery’s interiors have also had a knock-on effect on the vineyard.
 In February this year, we embarked on a thorough monitoring project by installing the EnoGis programme. 
To find out more, we asked a few questions to Daniele Occhiodoro, Technical Manager at our Winery.  

Question: Why did you decide to install this programme?  
Daniele Occhiodoro: Achieving clear traceability of the wine production management process, from cultivation to vinification, is complicated by the need to find or construct cartographic information. The challenge was therefore to integrate heterogeneous software tools and make them compatible with our pre-established production practices. The EnoGis programme helps us deal with these challenges by collecting and managing agronomic and oenological data for the Winery to guide its management choices over time, and achieve its set goals more efficiently and economically. One of the main objectives is to further improve the quality of our products, and cater for an increasingly demanding and conscious market.

Q: How does EnoGis make life better at the winery? 
DO: The programme brings simplicity. All you need is a smartphone to collect the data directly in the vineyard. Then you can view all of the information on the history of the vineyard, as well as other information relating to the use of satellite data or forecast models on disease development. You can also see the same information from any computer via a web platform. The system is available to the winery’s technicians so they can monitor the work and keep track of the situation in the vineyard. It also provides technical information to members and can display their field records via a control panel. The programme also offers services for members: o they each have their own unique and exclusive access, and can see their historical data, consult the surveys carried out by the winery in their vineyards, and access their field records register.

Q: D How long have you been using EnoGis?  
DO: Since February, technicians at the Winery have been working together with the software engineers to enter the supporting data. The Vineyard and Winery modules are now active, and we are working on implementing and launching the module for managing members’ field records.
Q: Have you already noticed some improvements? If so, tell us more.
DO: The programme has already helped us act against disease outbreaks in the vineyard. But most of the benefits of the programme will be seen in the post-harvest phase. In fact, the software will help us better plan when and how to harvest and manage the grapes based on the products to be made.

Thank you, Daniele, we’ll follow the progress as EnoGis adapts to life at our Colli Ripani.