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Sincerum, much more than olive oil

This is our cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil, made only from our members’ olives.

When you have the right land, it’s not difficult to grow different things depending on your soil and exposure. That’s why some of our members also happen to have olive trees which they grow with great commitment to organic standards. They harvest the olives between October and November and the milling is done within four hours of the harvest.

In our Sincerum BIO we have native varieties such as Lea, Carboncella and Sargano, and national cultivars like Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo. Each variety has its own peculiarities that make our olive oil so special. It has an intense green colour, a delicate fragrance that’s soft on the palate with hints of slightly bitter almond. Sincerum BIO is perfect with fresh and grilled fish, shellfish and cooked or raw vegetables, white meat and desserts. Sincerum BIO enhances dishes and recipes from both the Marche region and beyond.

For the entire month of August, Sincerum BIO (in its practical 3-litre size) is sold here  and at our stores. Find the closest one to you.