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  • BIO Falerio Pecorino DOC 2023
  • BIO Falerio Pecorino DOC 2023
  • BIO Falerio Pecorino DOC 2023
  • BIO Falerio Pecorino DOC 2023
  • BIO Falerio Pecorino DOC 2023

Organic Collection

BIO Falerio Pecorino DOC 2023

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Falerio Pecorino is the successful result of a land nurtured with respect, in a virtuous cycle, where doing good work brings out the very best in the drink. Read more
Free shipping in Italy for orders over €39
  • Production area: Ripatransone and neighbouring villages.
  • Wine varieties: Pecorino
  • Average yield per hectare: 8/9 tones of grapes.
  • Vinification: Special selection of grapes picked and collected in baskets. Soft pressing, thermo-conditioned fermentation.
  • Serving suggestions: Ideal with grilled fish and fresh soft cheeses
  • Serving temperature: We recommend serving at 12-14 C°.
  • Alcohol content: 13,5% Vol.
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Falerio Pecorino DOC 2014 Organic Collection
- 4 Clusters at Guida Bibenda


Organic Collection
- Gold label at XXIV edition of the Premio Nazionale Etichetta d'Oro.

Bronze Medal, 88 points, IWSC 2023– International Wine& Spirit Competition

How we obtain our organic wine.

By growing respecting the environment.
We respect EC reg. 834/2007. The pruning, tying-up and removal of side shoots are done manually by our members.

By carrying out natural prevention.
Our vineyards are monitored by our technicians, who assess the need for possible interventions to counter pathogens with copper or sulphur-based products and antagonist mushrooms.

By preserving every single grape berry.
Harvesting is done by hand with little baskets that are brought to the winery as quickly as possible.

By using renewable energy.
Grape stalks are separated with machinery powered by the electric energy that is generated by a photovoltaic installation on the roof of our winery.

By paying attention to the smallest details.
The fermentation is monitored by our technicians through analytical laboratory checks and daily tastings. The wine produced this way is cleaned by natural static decantation and then filtered.

By recycling.
For our wines we use lighter and environmentally friendly glass bottles, 100% recyclable cork.

Doing good to achieve the best drink there is.

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