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Grotte di Santità Rosato wins Gold Label at Vinitaly Design 2023

Compared to the previous edition,says Papi Frigerio, a competition jury member and art director at RobilantAssociati,"it has emerged that companies can use their labels to tell stories about their brand. A label with a beautiful aesthetic is easy to create in Italy, where we have good taste; the difficult part is making one that effectively communicates the values of the brand or the essence of the product.”.

And it is in these words by Frigerio that we find the reasons for the award that the 27th Vinitaly Design International Packaging Competition has given to our Grotte di Santità - Sparkling Bio Ancestrale wine made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, without added sulfites, designed by Andrea Castelletti Studio. The bottle has won the Gold Label award at the Vinitaly Design International Packaging Competition 2023.

Over the years, the Vinitaly jury has appreciated the work we do with our labels, choosing to award us on several occasions since 2015:

We strive to ensure that everything we produce is consistent: for us, content and container must support each other and speak the same language.