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Financial statements, reports, and good resolutions

Interview with Manuela Pignotti
We had the opportunity to exchange some thoughts on 2022 and make predictions on what to expect from 2023 with Manuela Pignotti, a member of the board of directors.  

Manuela Pignotti: 2022 had started as the year of the total recovery of the Horeca market, after the decline caused by the Covid restrictions. But the beginning of the war has changed the prospects a lot. Energy costs and all materials skyrocketed, then inflation hit, and the market suffered. Despite this, we closed the balance sheet positively with a slight sense of pride on August 31, 2022, with an appreciation of the value paid out to our members.

Question: In December, a new board of directors was appointed. What are the plans for 2023?  
MP: With the renewal of the board's positions, two new members joined, with whom we have already established a good relationship of collaboration and sharing. There are several and diverse projects for 2023. For now, we are focused on the tools to use to enhance sales and improve the quality of products. We are continuing and consolidating the project of the "technician in the fields” to provide a reference point for members and to have a more attentive eye to the different needs of vineyards, which vary according to location. Also, we are working to obtain sustainability certifications that, in addition to offering a guarantee of protection of the territory's resources, represent a competitive lever on the market and a marketing tool not to be underestimated. Regarding sales, the goal for 2023 is to continue to increase the share of revenue from bottled products, keeping up with times and trends, and increasing the markets already open.

Q: Stefano Acciarri spoke to us about certifications and sustainability in the last issue. Can you provide us with more insights on how you plan to increase the revenue from bottled products?  
MP: To pursue this goal, the first actions involve our retail stores. These interventions aim to improve the aesthetics of the shops and, consequently, the shopping experience. The training sessions for sales staff will also be fundamental. Our winery has a vast catalog that requires awareness of winemaking techniques, knowledge of wine and oil, curiosity about the territory to which our labels refer.

Q: How did you decide to create these training sessions?
MP: The Marche section of the Italian Sommelier Association was identified as the ideal partner. So we started the wine approach course - Four Steps in the Winery - which involved agents, collaborators, and consumers. The course was very appreciated, and we are working on a second appointment that will take place, again in our winery, between March and April. We are also collecting registrations for a First Level Course, which is more technical and in-depth. This is a project that I believe in a lot and that sees me at the forefront of its implementation.

Thank you, Manuela, for your time. It was a pleasure talking to you.