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The Fire Horse

This story is about our town of Ripatransone, the Easter Octave, and fireworks. Yes, it also involves a horse and an artificer from Atri, in Abruzzo. Let's start from the beginning. It's May 10, 1682, and we're celebrating the Madonna di San Giovanni (the Sunday after Easter). Our artificer rides his horse through the square, launching fireworks in every direction to illuminate the night sky.

Since then, on the Easter Octave, at dusk, the lights of Piazza Matteotti and Condivi are turned off and a metal horse surrounded by an enthusiastic and compact crowd descends into the square, following the movements of the Fire Horse like a swarm. From records, it seems that until around 1700, a real animal was used, which was then replaced by a wooden model carried on the shoulders until 1932 and subsequently equipped with wheels. In 1994, a metal structure was created which, adorned with fireworks, offers the pyrotechnic spectacle that has contributed to the fascination of this festival. People flock to the square and follow the horse in a kaleidoscope of emotions, flashes of light, and fireworks.

Watching the Fire Horse is one of those things that cannot be described, it must be experienced to fully grasp the atmosphere and feelings of joy and freedom that permeate the air. Due to its strong civic identity, originality, historicity, and participation, in 2011, the Ministry of Tourism awarded the Fire Horse the recognition of Italian Heritage for Tradition

Among our wines, there are two that pay homage to this event: the Rosso Piceno DOC Superiore from the 'settantase77e' Collection, which has a dedication on the label, and the Condivio® - Offida DOCG Pecorino from the 508® Collection, whose name takes inspiration from Piazza Condivi and celebrates it on the bottle with the illustration by artist Luca Zamoc.

For this year's event, there's something different: the new Fire Horse hoodies. It's a special and limited edition (only 100 pieces) designed by Andrea Castelletti Studio for the Confraternity of the Madonna di San Giovanni. We also contributed to the creation of this hoodie, which celebrates March N.23, the one that accompanies the Fire Horse in its parade. Part of the proceeds from the sale is destined to support the work of the Croce Azzurra of Ripatransone and Cossignano.
There are only a few sizes left of the 2023 hoodie edition, and you can purchase it these days at the stand of the Confraternity of the Madonna di San Giovanni in Ripatransone. 

The Easter Octave of 2023 is on April 16th, see you in the square in Ripa to celebrate.