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  • Kinà - Flavored wine

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Kinà - Flavored wine

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When a fine and pure Sangiovese meets the power of aromatic herbs, we have Kinà: a special wine with an expertly measured aromatic infusion. We like to think of it as a faithful friend in all seasons: in summer, served with ice and twist of orange or lemon peel at a temperature of 16°/18°, it is an excellent digestif. In winter, it is ideal for mulled wine. A perfect pairing for desserts, excellent with chocolate, and a refined component of fruit cocktails. Read more
Free shipping in Italy for orders over €39
  • Production area: Ripatransone and neighbouring towns.
  • Wine varieties: Sangiovese.
  • Average yield per hectare: 8/9 tons of grapes.
  • Organoleptic characteristics: Aromatized spiced wine with brick red colour. Intense and complex perfume of herbs and spices. Full-bodied taste with a pleasant bitter aftertaste.
  • Vinification: Rape selection, maceration with skins, fermentation at controlled temperature and soft pressing.
  • Harvest time: End of September.
  • Picking method: By hand.
  • Serving suggestions: Recommended with chocolate, chocolate cakes, fruit tarts, fresh or dry pastry. Some barmen use Kinà as ingredient in fruit-based cocktails with little alcohol. Kinà can be served as an after-dinner drink or as a refreshing drink with two cubes of ice.
  • Serving temperature: In summer 5-8°. In winter 16-18°.
  • Alcohol content: 16,00% Vol.
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